Youth Decay


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leave me alone,
i’m busy framing beauty within my peripheral,
blind my bloodshot eyes,
prepare the world to be behold my slow dive into the hopeless emotion that I internalize,
another decaying youth for you to romanticize,
swallow my words, disguise this bitterness as a product of my vices

slowly sinking, drifting under the ice, that sleeps so silent, frozen and indifferent to the my life,
sinking, waiting for the frost to set on my bones,
a hollow home, pain lives there, it thrives and it grows,
the closest friend i’ve never known

how could I have not fallen in love with the loath that was born in my veins, spitting in anger, spitting in anger

so don’t ask me how I grew to hate myself and everybody else,
i’ve spent my life screaming in silence at the world that spit me out,
death claims us all

as I gasp for air I feel a hand wrap around my throat,
pulling me deeper, a blessing like none i’ve ever known, ,
my saviour my friend, i’m not sure where you’ve been,
twenty years i’ve been living, craving for your attention

take me away,
take me away from this youth decay

I feel a consuming numbness take over me,
face turning blue, is it from the suffocating or the cold?
ice filled lungs, internal frostbite,
death hold me, I give you my broken mind


Reamped/Mixed/Mastered by Gabor Toth at GHOSTSHIP RECORDINGS



all rights reserved


CODEINE KING Perth, Australia

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